Smart Hungarian Short Stories Course

Sneak Peek

The following preview-images will walk you through the Smart Hungarian Short Stories Course and show what awaits you inside:

1. Once you join, this is what you’ll see. You can directly download the whole course to your device.

2. The course comes with our detailed tips about how we suggest you work your way through it:

3. You can find all 8 exciting short stories in the Reading Book:

4. … along with their translations, as well as literal (prefix-by-prefix / suffix-by-suffix) translations:

5. The heart of the course, however, is the interactive ebook:

Here, you have everything in one place:  The stories and translations…

… the audio…

… while you can click on every prefix and suffix to see its meaning and what it does to the words:

6. Last but not least, the course comes with a workbook.

It’s packed with exercises to help you practice the prefixes and suffixes…

… as well as the Hungarian sentence structure:

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the solutions yet. The workbook comes with plenty of grammar cheat sheets which explain the most important aspects of these topics:

You’ll find the vocabulary list of the 2,000 most frequent Hungarian words at the end of the workbook. We wrote all short stories from the pool of these words.

We added an ANKI flashcard deck of these 2,000 words including all pronunciations to help you with vocab study:

See you inside! 👋😊