33 Hungarian Histories

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  • 33 Entertaining Portraits of Remarkable Hungarians
  • 152 pages
  • 100 images
  • Attention: Includes Hungarian humour topped with just the right pinch of self-irony
  • Available ebook formats: pdf, epup and mobi

Published by Catch Budapest!

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Understand the Hungarian Identity and Mentality through 33 Captivating Stories of Inherently Magyar Personalities

Whether you’re in search of your Hungarian roots, are living in or travelling to Hungary or you’re just curious about the history of this tiny but ever-proud nation – this book is for you.

You don’t have to pick your way through long and boring history books. Each of these stories is packed with interesting facts you probably didn’t know before, peculiarities that’ll make you chuckle and an irresistible sense of humour that’ll stick with you long after you’ve read the last page.

  • Are Hungarians really descendants of Attila and the Huns after all?
  • Who was Vörösmarty, who received an entire square with an oversized statue on top in the very centre of the city?
  • Why is Ferenc Puskás still loved as “everybody’s little brother” today?
  • Who was the “architect” of Trianon, the “national trauma” that lasts until today?
  • How exactly was this tiny nation involved in the discovery of something as vital as Vitamin C, as ubiquitous as the biro and something so horrendously destructive as the atomic bomb?

What makes the Hungarian people tick? Where is their strong pride rooted?  How can this pride go hand in hand with a deep sense of loneliness, isolation and inferiority?

… And how does all of this show on streets, squares, buildings and monuments wherever you go – be it Budapest or the tiniest village in the country?

This book has the answers to all of these questions (any many more). It spans across centuries of Hungarian history from the dark Medieval Ages to the Atomic Era. And it provides invaluable and highly entertaining insights into the complexes, virtues and flaws of the modern Magyar existence.

This book is for everyone who is interested in Hungarian History and wants to understand the Hungarian mentality and identity – with all its flaws and virtues.

*you can safely pay with your credit card or PayPal account