OHWAD-Basic words







Memory hook:

A POol would be COOL in hell.


Example sentences:

A pokolba kívánom a főnökömet.


I wish my boss to go to hell.

[The hell-in wish-I the boss-my.]


A keresztények hisznek a pokolban.


Chirstians believe in hell.

[The Christians believe-they the hell-in.]


Related terms:

pokoli – hellish, used as extraordinary / very: You can use “pokoli”, if you want to emphasise something. E.g. “It is very, very cold” – “Pokoli hideg van.” or “The party was really really good” – “Pokoli jó volt a buli.”



Did you like today’s word? Do you have a favourite memory hook for it or do you get it into your brain in a completely different way? Did we miss something in the explanation? 
Share your thoughts, word visualizations or learning tips below in the comments and remember, the more you use a new word, the easier it will stick in your memory!

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