hungarian hogy

Mini Hungarian Lesson: We Need to Talk About the Hungarian Word “Hogy”

According to all frequency lists we have encountered, hogy is always among the top 10 most frequent Hungarian words (along with a, az, és, and egy), ranking long before igen (usually around place 20). You might’ve noticed, that hogy can appear in some very peculiar constellations, e.g. twice in a row (as hogy hogy, or even […]

hungarian prefix el

Mini Hungarian Lesson: Everything You Need to Know About the Hungarian Prefix “El-“

The prefix el- appears in front of numerous Hungarian verbs and enhances or even completely changes their meanings oftentimes. A Few Words About Hungarian Prefixes   Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of -el, here’s what you need to know about most prefixes in general: All prefixes (except for meg-) have one core meaning […]

Mini-Lesson: Hungarian Pronunciation Training

We cannot emphasize the importance of the right pronunciation enough. Pronunciation is more than just to know how each letter roughly sounds. When it comes to Hungarian it’s about adapting a sound structure that might be fundamentally different from what you’re used to.   You can learn as much vocabulary as you want – it’s […]


The 2017 Christmas Gift Guide: 35+ Unique Ideas for Budapest-Lovers

Christmas-time is awesome but present-hunting can be a total burden. Even thinking of fighting our way through Budapest’s shopping malls before Christmas stresses us out beyond repair. Luckily, you don’t have to do that. You can actually escape all the Christmas-gift hysteria by shopping at the numerous little and affordable designer-stores of Budapest where you […]