The Best Cafés in Budapest for Getting Work Done on Your Laptop

You have deadlines to meet, exams to study for or simply need to get things done. On a laptop. With a good and reliable internet connection and preferably a coffee right next to you. We feel your pain: Working or studying from home can be an insurmountable challenge. There are way too many distractions and […]

Budapest Ruin Pups - Szimpla4

Budapest’s Ruin Pubs: The Controversial Truth Nobody Told You (Including 4 Authentic Ones You Shouldn’t Miss!)

This is an excerpt from our extensive Budapest guide book in which we show you the city from its most authentic and honest side through 99 chapters and more than 200 places to discover.   Today, ruin pubs are to Budapest what the Eiffel tower is to Paris, what taperías are to Spain, what Freddy Mercury […]

14 Cool Bars in the Budapest Party District

Since party-tourists and stag doers (and their bodily fluids) started flooding the inner city, Budapest’s party district is somewhat over the hill – at least for us locals. We don’t know about you, but while years ago Szimpla used to be one of Budapest’s best kept secrets, we now only go there to show it to […]

cozy cafe budapest

9 Heavenly Cozy Cafés in Budapest for Rainy Days

Just like all of us, Budapest too has its good and bad days. Sometimes, all you might wish for is a place to cuddle up, get cozy and sip some hot beverages to warm you from the inside, as you hear the rain pattering against the windows (instead of on you!). We totally feel with […]


16 Awesome Casual Wine Bars in Budapest and a Crash Course in Must-Try Hungarian Wines

We love a good wine once in a while. What we don’t like on the other hand is the often snobbish and pretentious flair that prevails in so-called “wine-bars” and the prices that come with it. Still, we often don’t want to settle for the cheap “folyóbor” (flowing wine) that you get in most pubs […]

Budapest Markets

8 Amazing Markets in Budapest – The Cutest, Hippest, Weirdest and Liveliest Places to Hunt for your Fresh Goods

Budapest’s Markets are a delightful spectacle and a visit at one or the other always cheers us up. A cool fact about Budapest’s markets is that almost all of them take place indoors, which make them a perfect winter activity, as well. Here we have gathered our favourite markets of Budapest and their specialties for […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Budapest’s Great Market Hall and its Surroundings

We absolutely adore and cherish the Great Market Hall. Yes, it’s touristy. No, it’s definitely not a hidden gem. In fact, it can feel like a giant, overpriced snapshot factory, but our guide will help you to make the most out of your visit.