19 Little Amazing Things We Adore about Budapest

We all know the saying that happiness comes from the little things. Budapest has plenty of these to offer and once you learn to pay attention to them, you’ll notice how little batches of joy will enter your everyday life.   The next time when you’re commuting, hurrying or otherwise making your stressful way through […]


These Brilliant Instagrammers Will Make You Fall in Love With Budapest this Year 2018

Looking for some creative beauty and motivation to spice up your days? Turn to these beautiful, interesting, curious and / or detail-loving Insta-accounts and be inspired to focus more on your surroundings. These are our favourite Budapest-based Instagrammers that nail the city in the best possible way.*   *Alphabetical order. We love them all equally. […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Hungarian Music Scene – 48 Bands and Musicians You Need to Hear

Hungary is famous for goulash, pálinka and paprika, but not necessarily for their music (besides the world famous Csárdás). That’s a real pity, because there is an abundance of great Hungarian bands and songs worth listening to!   In order to fill this gaping hole, we sat down to compile a “history book” of the […]