15 Little Amazing Things We Adore about Budapest

We all know the saying that happiness comes from the little things. Budapest has plenty of these to offer and once you learn to pay attention to them, you’ll notice how little batches of joy will enter your everyday life.


The next time when you’re commuting, hurrying or otherwise making your stressful way through the city, try to give happiness a chance. Slow down and appreciate these tiny adorable things about Budapest that we just too often take for granted.




1. The colourful, artsy and super-creative firewalls that are scattered all across the inner districts


If you want to know more about the whereabouts of these great pieces of art, read this article.




2. Those beautiful tiles in the old apartment buildings

• Retek utca | Budapest | II. kerület •

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Psst! This awesome Insta-account will show you a lot more of them!




3. And these monumental doors that are just way too gorgeous


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Yes, there’s an Insta dedicated to these, too!




4. The little (and not so little) remnants of socialism that are ever so present


Ugly but lovely!




5. These phone booths that might soon disappear and that we appreciate just way too little

Two, because who likes waiting times?!




6. The adorable grandmas and grandpas

Because style is no matter of age!




7. Those old yellow trams – may they stay with us forever!


Another insta-account we absolutely love, btw.




8. The hyper-motivated ticket inspectors at every single metro-entrance




9. And how the yellow line has probably the quickest passenger handling of all subways in the world

“Kérem vigyázzanak, az ajtók záródnak.”




10. These old, red, shiny mailboxes we too often pass without noticing

Budapest - mail box




11. And these beautiful inner courtyards we wouldn’t trade for anything




12. The sophisticated manhole covers we just step on but don’t notice




13. And those 24/7-shops (and their staff!) that simply never close – be it Christmas, NYE or the holiest national holiday

The real MVPs of Budapest




14. The little angels and other ornaments decorating the old apartment buildings




15. And these open-air and almost-free bookshelves that delight even our worst days




Do you have more? What will brighten up your days in Budapest this year? Let us know below in the comments!



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