The Ultimate Guide to the Hungarian Music Scene – 48 Bands and Musicians You Need to Hear


Hungarian Music during Late Socialism – The 80s





Our pick: A kör (released 1985)


Because: It’s one of the greatest and most famous rock songs made in Hungary ever.


Genre:  rock, blues rock


Years active: 1973-1978, 1978-1983, 1985-present 


Summary: Edda’s great popularity is based on their catchy, melodic soft rock tunes and touching ballads combined with emotional and spiritual lyrics.


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Koncz Zsuzsa



Our pick: A Kárpáthyék Lánya (released 1984)


Because: It’s a super sad ballade about love during the 1956 revolution and the mass-emigration afterwards.


Genre:  pop


Years active: 1962 – present


Summary: Her incredible pop career started after she was discovered 1962 in a TV-talent show. She also had notable success abroad; she even released some songs in German. Her popularity in Hungary is unbroken, some of her songs are considered as part of Hungarian folklore.


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Muzsikás együttes



Our pick:  Nem úgy van most mint volt régen (released 1982)


Because: It’s 20 awesome minutes of world music that kick ass, mind and body.


Genre:  world music


Years active: 1973 – present


Summary: Muzsikás együttes is playing folk and world music, but also a bit of jazz, Celtic and Jewish music. They are also quite internationally renowned and already performed in the most prestigious concert halls all over the world.


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4 replies
  1. Joyce says:

    Could you post the names of the songs in the Muzsikás video? I know the first one is “Nem úgy van most mint volt régen.” And I know the last song, “Betyárnóta.” I would love to know what the 2nd, 3rd and 4th songs are. Thank you!

    • catchbudapest says:

      Hi Joyce,

      the songs in the Muzsikás video are:

      00:00 Nem úgy van most mint volt régen
      04:37 Adjon Isten minden jót
      07:51 Tudod-e édesem
      11:59 Vonat
      15:33 Hulljatok levelek

      Enjoy 🙂

      • Joyce says:

        Thank you! I realized after I posted that the last one wasn’t Betyárnótá. That was another Muzsikás song that I learned at the same time.

  2. Mick O’Donnell says:

    Hello there, I remember the guys from a band called Garazs in 1984. They were very welcoming and friendly but sadly I can’t remember their names. I was visiting as a young music and political radio journalist from Australia.


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