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also: company, venture, business, entrepreneurship


váll = shoulder

vállal = to shoulder


figuratively: to put something on your shoulders




Example sentences:

Az Everest megmászása egy bátor vállalkozás.

The Everest climbing-of a brave undertaking.

Climbing the Everest is a brave undertaking.


Elindítani egy vállalkozást rengeteg munka, de megéri!

To-away-start a company(acc.) tremendous work, but worth-it!

Starting a company is a tremendous amount of work but it’s worth it.



Related terms:

átvállal (valamit) – to commit oneself to sth. someone else was originally supposed to do

bátor – brave

cég – company

egyéni vállalkozás – individual entrepreneurship

vakmerő – daring, reckless, bold

váll – shoulder

vállal (valamit) – to shoulder (sth.), to commit oneself (to sth.)


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