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knot; figurative for: a bunch, many




Example sentences:

Csomót kötöttem a zacskóra, nehogy kiessen belőle minden.

I tied a knot on the bag to avoid everything falling out of it.

[Knot(acc.) tied-I the bag-on, not-that out-fall-shpuld out-of-it everything.]


Egy csomó ember volt tegnap a bulin.

There were lots of people at the party yesterday.

[A knot person were yesterday the party-on.]



Related terms:

to “knot”:

köt – to tie

masni – ribbon

szoros – tight

tengerészcsomó – sailor’s knot


to “a bunch”:

sok – many

kevés – few

pár – literally “pair”, but also: few

néhány – another word for “few”

jónéhány – a “good few” – i.e. quite a lot



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4 replies
  1. Henry says:

    I really like the literal translation, it’s really helped me a lot. That was a problem with a lot of other courses. I couldn’t relate the Hungarian to the translation. I was always translating it with dictionary on my own. This makes it so much easier to learn.

  2. Elizabeth K Hilprecht says:

    I enjoy this website particularly for keeping up with modern slang like “cuki”. I’m American, 67, and taught by people who are by now mostly all deceased. Are you familiar with the pre-WW2 jargon of the budapesti zsidók? For instance, “szelletli” instead of “zárt veranda”? I have not been able to find that one anywhere on the internet to know whether I’m spelling it right.

    • catchbudapest says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth! Glad you like our website!

      Unfortunately, being born in the 90s I am not familiar with these expressions. 🙁

      However, I have googled this particular expression for you, and the right spelling is “szeletli”! 🙂

      Hope this helps a bit.



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