OHWAD-Basic words





to be scared, to be afraid


also: half




Example sentences:

Nem félek az élettől.

I am not afraid to live.

[Not am-afraid the life-from.]


Nincs mitől félni.

There’s nothing to be scared of.

[Not exists what-from be-scared.]


Fél óra múlva találkozunk.

We’re meeting in half an hour.

[Half hour in meet-we.]


Related terms:

félős – worrying (person)

reszket – to shudder

libabőr – goosebumps

pánikol – to panick

rettegés – dread (n.)

félig – semi-

parázik – a more colloquial word for “fél”, also used for worrying


Not to be confused with:

fel – up


Did you like today’s word? Do you have a favourite memory hook for it or do you get it into your brain in a completely different way? Did we miss something in the explanation? 
Share your thoughts, word visualizations or learning tips below in the comments and remember, the more you use a new word, the easier it will stick in your memory!




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