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home (also used for home country)




Example sentences:

Holnap végre megyek haza.

Tomorrow finally go-I home.

Tomorrow I’m finally going home.


Nem mindenki szereti a hazáját.

Not everyone likes the home(-country)-theirs.

Not everyone likes their home country.



Related terms:

éllettér – habitat

hazafele – homewards, on the way home

ház – house

lakás – flat

lakcím – home address

lakóhely – place of residence

otthon – home (more used for the specific lace (house or flat) one lives in, than the home country)

otthonos – homely

születik valahova – to be born somewhere


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  1. joel stern says:

    a minor mistake in your translation of “otthonos”: it should be translated into English as “homey” rather than “homely” (which means ugly) :>).


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