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Example sentences:

A kovászos uborka egy tipikus magyar köret.

Pickled cucumbers are a typical Hungarian side dish.

[The pickled cucumber a typical Hungarian side-dish.]


A sültkrumpli önmagában is jó, nem csak köretnek.

French fries are good as they are, not just as a side dish.

[The fried-potato itself-in also good, not only side-dish-for.]



Related terms:

desszert – dessert

előétel – starter, appetizer

főétel – main dish

kovászos uborka – pickled cucumbers

krumpli – potato

rizs – rice

savanyúkáposzta – sauerkraut

savanyúság – pickles (literally: the sour stuff)

sültkrumpli – French fries

krumplipüré – mashed potatos



Not to be confused with:

keret – frame


Did you like today’s word? Do you have a favourite memory hook for it or do you get it into your brain in a completely different way? Did we miss something in the explanation? 
Share your thoughts, word visualizations or learning tips below in the comments and remember, the more you use a new word, the easier it will stick in your memory!




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