OHWAD Weekend Challenge (#43)



It is Sunday and therefore time for our Sunday Summary, or as we call it:

The OHWAD Weekend Challenge

Challenge yourself and take the quiz below in order to repeat this week’s words.

(If you have to cheat, here are the links to this week’s words 1 2 3 4 5 6.)

1. Űr


2. Ceruza


3. Elveszít


4. Súly


5. Szárny


6. Hűvös


Question 1 of 6

And now try to build a sentence with the 6 words.

Be creative and let your inner genius shine, it doesn’t’ matter if the sentence doesn’t’ make sense from a logical point of view. It is all about having fun and giving your curious brain new end exciting possibilities to anchor the new words in your memory.


We hope you rocked the thing, or at least had some fun!
And don’t forget to let us know your special sentence in the comments below!
As a reward, you will never ever forget these five words again ?



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  1. Sherylee says:

    Egy kicsit nehéz ez héten!
    Nem elveszik súly de egy ceruza és egy hűvös szárnyt semmi súly van az úrban.

      • catchbudapest says:

        Hi Sherylee,

        Thank you a lot for your sentence, you did a really great job again!:)

        So the correct sentence would be:

        Nem veszik el a sùly, de egy ceruzának ès egy hűvös szárnynak semmi súlya nincs az űrben.

        The prefix “el” gets separated from “veszik” in the case of a negation and comes after the verb (instead of in front of it).

        “Ceruzának” & “szárnynak”: To explain this would go beyond the scope of this text, but it is about the attributive form of possession (-nak & -nek) which you can read about right here: http://www.hungarianreference.com/Possession/Attributive-possessive-nak-nek.aspx

        “Semmi súlya” – the “a” gets attached to súly, because it’s the “súly” (weight) of the pencil (ceruza) and the wing (szárny).

        “Semmi súlya nincs” (instead of “semmi súlya van”): “Nincs” is the word for non-existence and the opposite of “van”. Since here you want to indicate that the pencil and the wing don’t have any weight in space (i.e. their weight doesn’t exist) you’d use “nincs”.

        Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions! 🙂

        Looking forward to your next sentence!!



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