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(baking) heat (only weather-related)




Example sentences:

Csak a strandon esik jól egy kis kánikula.

A little of baking heat is nice, but only on the beach.

[Only the beach-on falls good a little baking-heat.]


A kánikula akár veszélyes is lehet, főleg idősebbeknek.

Baking heat can be dangerous, especially for the elderly.

[The baking-heat even dangerous also can-be, especially elderlies-for.]


Related terms:

forróság – synonym to “kánikula” (heat (n.))

fok – degree

nap – sun

naptej / napolaj – sun milk

napernyő – sunshade / parasol

klíma – aircon / AC


Not to be confused with:

kula (vulg.) – shit


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