The Ultimate Guide to the Hungarian Music Scene – 48 Bands and Musicians You Need to Hear

Hungary is famous for goulash, pálinka and paprika, but not necessarily for their music (besides the world famous Csárdás). That’s a real pity, because there is an abundance of great Hungarian bands and songs worth listening to!   In order to fill this gaping hole, we sat down to compile a “history book” of the […]

Budapest Markets

8 Amazing Markets in Budapest – The Cutest, Hippest, Weirdest and Liveliest Places to Hunt for your Fresh Goods

Budapest’s Markets are a delightful spectacle and a visit at one or the other always cheers us up. A cool fact about Budapest’s markets is that almost all of them take place indoors, which make them a perfect winter activity, as well. Here we have gathered our favourite markets of Budapest and their specialties for […]

Freedom Bridge Budapest

The Top Blogs, Insta-accounts and Social Media Channels you should follow when living in Budapest

Budapest’s vibrant atmosphere shows not only offline on a great night or day, but also on various online channels. To keep you up-to-date, we have mapped the best Budapest Blogs, Insta- & Facebook-accounts, and Youtube-channels for you. From food and fashion to travel and language learning – Hungarian bloggers and online entrepreneurs are alive and […]

market hall-budapest

The Ultimate Guide to Budapest’s Great Market Hall and its Surroundings

We absolutely adore and cherish the Great Market Hall. Yes, it’s touristy. No, it’s definitely not a hidden gem. In fact, it can feel like a giant, overpriced snapshot factory, but our guide will help you to make the most out of your visit.

margaret island-budapest-rose garden

Margaret Island – Our complete Guide to the Green Lung of Budapest

Margaret Island is the green lung of Budapest and has something to offer for everyone. Whether you want some relaxed time for yourself, spend a nice day with your kids or are after a romantic date surrounded by nature, Margitsziget has your back.